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Chandra taal is a beautiful lake in the heart of Peerpanjal mountain range at an altitude of about 4,300 meters in the Himalayas. This lake looks especially beautiful on a full moon night which is why is it is called The Moon Lake;  “Chandra” (meaning Moon) and “Taal” (meaning lake). During the day, the lake appears blue in color, and towards the evening it appears greenish. The lake is situated on a plateau (Samudra Tapu) overlooking the Chandra River which originates from a glacier near Bara-lacha-la. Chandra Taal is a popular destination for trekkers and campers. The lake is accessible on foot only for few months in a year, from May to September.

Just 2 kms from Batal towards Kunzum La Pass is a diversion to Chandra taal lake. The lake is 12 kms from that diversion. The Forest Department banned camping next to the lake in the year 2010 to keep it clean and a barricade has been put up 2 kms before the lake to avoid pollution at the lake. This is the approved camping area and you can find accommodation here in some fixed camps during the season. Another route to reach the lake is to hike from Kunzum La Pass (4551 meters).

Up above the Dhankar village and Gompa and a steep 45 min walk lies the Dhankar Lake. A lot of people consider it an easy hike but the climb can make you breathless within a few seconds. For people who are not used to steep climbs, the hike to the lake can be physically challenging. But the view is rewarding for the ones who don’t give up. We suggest going slow and steady and not passing up the hike to this beautiful lake. The view from the lake is beautiful and you can even see far off mountains covered in snow. From here you can also get a wonderful view of Manirang Peak (6593 meters)– the highest peak of Himachal Pradesh lying on the border of Kinnaur and Spiti dirtrict.

It is forbidden to camp next to the lake as Dhankar lake acts as a source of water for Dhankar village. This lake is also the kick off point for the Spiti Left Bank trek.

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