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Pin Parvati Pass Trek


Pin Parvati trek is one of the most sorted treks in this region starting from the in stark desert environment of Pin Valley (home to Snow Leopard and Siberian Ibex) and ending in lush green paradise of Parvati valley crossing high pass and mountains.

Number of Days– 11

Best Time- June end to Sept (but avoid the rainy season after Mid July till August End).

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Spiti Left Bank Homestay Trek

If there is any way to understand the harsh but peaceful life and culture of people of Spiti Valley then there is no other way then doing this homestay trek. It takes you through some of the highest motorable villages in the world with secrets and treasures like none other.

Number of Days- 04

Best Time– May till October

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Bhaba Pin Pass Trek

A trek that has been heaven for the shepherds because of grazing lands and has connected people of Kinnaur and Spiti is among the most beautiful and sorted treks of this region among the beginners and experienced. One of the most moderate treks in this region with breathtaking views.

Number of Days– 07

Best Time– June to Sept

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Chandrataal Baralacha Trek

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Turquoise waters of Chandratal,vast landscape, mountain passes, several streams to cross, lush green meadows and wildlife all makes this trek one of the best in this terrain. Trek starts from Chandrataal, some isolated terrain and then ending at Baralacha Pass.

Number of Days– 05

Best Time– Post June till October (As Manali- Spiti road opens in late June)

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Parang La Trek


Challenging, gruesome, breathtaking, deep gorges, vast landscapes is other name of this trek- This is Parang La for you. A trek that has been the ancient trading route between the people of Ladakh and Spiti is a challenge that only a few dare to take with outstanding rewards.

Number of Days– 14

Best Time– Mid July to Sept

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