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Gue: Visit the 550-year-old mummy of a monk 


Gue Village in Spiti Valley, about 40 km from the Tabo Monastery, has a mummified monk, Sangha Tenzin, who had given up his life while meditating and is more than 500 years. It is the only Buddhist Mummy in the world, that too, in a sitting position. There were other mummies also in Tibet which were buried by Tibetans just after the Chinese invasion. This mummy was discovered by the villagers in 1975 when an earthquake struck the region. Gue village is a restricted area and under the control of ITBP and very few people knew about the mummy until Anuj Singh (A freelance photographer) and his fellow biker Shahwar Hussain (An auto and travel magazine writer) first photographed it way back in the 90’s.

The mummy is remarkably well preserved for its age. Its skin is unbroken and the hair is still on the head. The process of mummification of this mummy is natural and no chemicals have been used to preserve it.

Gue also straddles an ancient trading route over which spices, wool, salt, precious stones and sugar moved between India and Tibet. Monks and high Lamas frequented this route.

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