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Bhaba Pin Pass Trek

Pin-Bhabha pass is one of the most interesting treks of this terrain. Starting from the thick forest and meadows of Kinnaur and ending in barren landscape and stark desolateness of Spiti valley crossing the high passes of Bhaba and Pin. This route has been extensively used for many years by travelers and trekkers alike. The people of Pin Valley and Kinnaur have been using this route for centuries for trade and this trek is very popular with shepherds. The trek begins at Kafnoo in Kinnaur and crosses over the Pin Bhaba pass at 4865 meters, the most frequently used crossing by the locals.

The trail ascends along the left bank of the Wangar River after crossing a footbridge. The path climbs through single crop fields of Mastrang and passes through a mixed forest of conifers and temperate broad-leafed species of trees. The trail climbs through little clearings of potato and buckwheat till it reaches the meadows of Mulling (3350 meters), fringed by birch and birdcherry, leaving the Wangar river far below. From here the trail continues to Pistrang, a sheltered glade with a spring at one end and over a steep ascent to the pass. The descent is more gradual to the Pin valley, over boulder-strewn glaciers, making it a sharp contrast to lush green Kinnaur.

Altitude– 5300 meters (17450 feet)

Trail Grade– Moderate but a little difficult at some sections due to rocky moraine paths, glacier covers, river crossing. Snow expected at Passes.

Fitness level– High

Best Time– June to Sept


Day 01 : Reach Shimla early morning. Drive to Kafnu – 280 km.

Day 02 : Kafnu to Mulling (3250 meter) – 7 hours

Day 03 : Mulling to Kahra Camping grounds (3500 meter) – 5 hours

Day 04 : Kahra to Bhaba B.C (Pushtring) – 5 hours

Day 05 : Bhaba B.C to Phuldhar (4040 mt) via Pin Bhaba Pass (4865 mt) – 7 hrs

Day 06 : Phuldhar to Mudh Village –5 hours. Drive from Mudh to Kaza

Day 07 : Drive from Kaza to Manali.

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Bhaba Pass TrekPin Valley Side of Bhaba Pass TrekBhaba Pass TrekBhaba Pass TrekBhaba Pass Trek
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